Our Purpose

After an exhausting and fruitless search for a wedding photographer, Brittaney and Katherine lamented at the loss of proper capture of their future wedding ceremony. Living in south-central Pennsylvania, their options for an affordable, accepting photographer were non-existent before tying the knot on the shores of New Hampshire in the summer of 2020. Afterwards, they made a vow together that they, together, would be the change they wanted to see in the wedding world and provide the service to others that they could not use themselves and Adelynn Claire was born shortly after.

The name Adelynn Claire bears great significance to your favorite photographing duo. Not only is it a personal symbol of the commitment they made to bettering the world in a way they feel they can, it also is the name they have already pre-chose for their first unborn daughter together. Once Adelynn Claire is physically and literally in this world she will be the capstone on a decade long struggle with infertility and the numerous challenges that it presents.