About Us

Welcome! We're so glad to have you with us!

Brittaney is the principle photographer and the creative mind behind Adelynn Claire. You will usually find her with her hands in some form of photography project she has taken up or exploring the newest photographical toys that are on the market. With an eye for breath-taking shots, knack for finding the best pose of her subject and the heart to recognize as well as capture the true essence of her clientele; Brittaney has every possible plan to bring your needs to print or your memories committed to the annals of digital history.

Katherine is the other half of Brittaney's creative process, providing the added support and direction she needs to remain laser-focused on her aspirations as a photographer. The day-to-day operation of Adelynn Claire is run by Katherine as well as all invoices and updates to our services provided. Those interested in a special service will be delighted to learn that Katherine also provides a wide array of officiant and faith-based-services through the Universal Life Church in Pennsylvania.